Deep Posts: Troy Brown says Pats lack leadership

• Former Patriots wide receiver Troy Brown(notes) says the problem in New England is that there's no decent leadership, particularly on the defensive side of the ball. Interesting, and not the easiest problem in the world to address.

• Speaking of addressing problems, Pro Football Talk says that the man Pete Carroll wants to do that in Seattle is Pat Kirwan, I assume, as general manager. That would be great for PK, but disastrous for people like me who love his work on Sirius NFL Radio.

• I know you'll be relieved to hear this, because it's something that's been on your mind: Yes, Matt Stover managed to not be an obnoxious jerk at childbirthing class (via Deadspin).

• NFL head of officiating Mike Pereira explains why there was no facemask called on the last play of that Cardinals/Packers game. Also of note: Had that ball hit the ground, there could have potentially been a tuck rule situation, which I'm sure fans everywhere would have loved.

• Again from Pro Football Talk, it might be a good idea for Lovie Smith to consider taking the head coaching job at the University of Tennessee. Just don't ever leave, lest you endanger the innocent giant rocks of the Knoxville area.

Tim Hasselbeck(notes), former NFL quarterback, and wife Elisabeth Hasselbeck, one of the ladies who talks a lot on "The View," are going to trade jobs for a day. Why? Because this is the kind of thing that TV people think you want to see. It's just a shame that Sean Salisbury won't be there to welcome Elisabeth to ESPN.

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