Deep Posts: Tony Romo will be wearing Kevlar on Monday

• Tony Romo, he of the punctured lung and fractured rib, is being fitted for a special protective vest from Unequal Technologies. A part of it will be Kevlar, which will come in handy if the league decides to allow the Redskins defense to use guns on Sunday.

• Another quarterback injury update: Cam Newton says his ankle feels "luscious." His right hip? Sumptuous.

• Giants defender Deon Grant, who did this, said he was not flopping Monday night. In a related story, Deon Grant does not always tell the truth.

• OK, maybe Deon Grant did have a legitimate injury. I have no problem believing that, and I don't think anyone is questioning Grant's actual toughness. But there's no way I'm believing that his sudden and dramatic flop to the turf was a necessary, honest reaction.

• On the subject of the fake injuries and the reaction, Colts blog Stampede Blue wonders why no one was this upset about it as far back as 2003, when teams were doing it to railroad the Colts. I can't answer that, but I will say that I've never seen anything as blatant and ridiculous as what happened Monday night. It seems like most everyone else has had the decency to be subtle about it.

• Positive thoughts go out to Domenik Hixon, who tore his right ACL for the second time in two years. The mental anguish there has to be considerable.

• Chargers fans have reason to be concerned after two error-filled performances are way too reminiscent of what happened last year. Bolts from the Blue urges patience and perspective.