Deep Posts: Stafford struggles and Daunte starts

Matthew Stafford had a bit of a struggle during his first experience with the Detroit Lions. He was erratic at first, perhaps a little bit too excited, and then settled into a bit of a groove.

• In news that is perhaps not coincidental, if the season started today, Daunte Culpepper would be the Lions' first quarterback. It's just a guess on my part, but I wouldn't expect that to change before the beginning of the season, either.

On the DL talks with ESPN draft expert Todd McShay about how he does what he does, his real relationship with Mel Kiper, and ESPN's presentation of the draft. Good stuff here.

• Tony Grossi of the Cleveland Plain Dealer revives speculation of the Braylon Edwards-to-New York rumors. This time, though, it's the Jets, and might include a trade for Thomas Jones. Via PFT.

• The Fifth Down asks why former NFL players seem to have more success in politics than ex-players from any other sport.

Updated NFL Power Rankings, with the results of the NFL draft taken into consideration. Hey, it's never too early.

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