Deep Posts: Sabby's not too shabby

• The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are making Sabby Piscitelli(notes) their starting strong safety, and I support any move that gives me the opportunity to say "Sabby Piscitelli" more often.

• Yes, the Eagles have been quite active in the offseason, but have they really solved all of their problems?

• Just as Jake Taylor couldn't cut it in the Mexican League, Mike Vanderjagt couldn't cut it in the Canadian Football League. He asked for his release because he "enjoys [his] life out of the spotlight." It must've been hell under that notoriously vicious CFL media scrutiny.

Bill Cowher turned his back on you, Pittsburgh.

• Fran Tarkenton's took a little criticism for the comments he made yesterday about Brett Favre, and he's responded to them today. Fran is sticking to his guns, and what are you gonna do about it, Marcellus Wiley(notes)?

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