Deep Posts: ‘Put your hands up, and step away from the Tebow jerseys!’

-- The skirmish we wrote about Wednesday between Nike and Reebok over the manufacture and sale of Tim Tebow Jets jerseys has been resolved, though not yet in a permanent fashion. Nike, which will take over merchandising and outfitting for the NFL on April 1, got a temporary restraining order in U.S. District Court that will force Reebok, whose contract with the NFL ran out before March 1, to recall all Tebow jerseys made after the end of that agreement. We'll soon see a huge supply of Nike Tebow jerseys, of course. Until then, you can always buy something called a "Tim Tebow New York Jets Eligible Receiver T-Shirt," which may wind up being oddly appropriate when the Jets finally unleash their Tebow-led Wildcat brilliance. Or something. [Fox Sports]

-- Also, the Jets should go for two after just about every touchdown, says one writer. We agree wholeheartedly. Say what you want about the guy, but Timmy has been a force in the red zone since his Florida days -- he had as many collegiate rushing touchdowns as Marshall Faulk. [The Big Lead]

-- Several NFL bigwigs are very excited about the $2.15 billion price paid for the Los Angeles Dodgers, which was shelled out by the new ownership group led by Magic Johnson. "I don't know how to get my mind or arms around that [the $2.15 billion price] at all," Jerry Jones told the Dallas Morning News. "It certainly wasn't something I might have had in mind when I got involved with the Cowboys and the team. It's impressive. It's very impressive. I think it raises all boats in sports."

"It kind of raises the bar for all of us," said New York Giants co-owner Steve Tisch in a Chicago Tribune story. "When a baseball club sells for over $2 billion, when you fold in the real estate, it makes all of us stand up and say, 'Wow!' With our brands, with our teams, with our assets, we can't mess up. We're involved with something very special with tremendous value."

No word yet on whether Giants co-owner John Mara will try to penalize Magic and his buddies for bidding $600 million more than the team's current value in the name of competitive balance. []

-- St. Louis Rams head coach Jeff Fisher isn't tied to the sixth overall pick in this year's draft, which the Washington Redskins traded to his team so that Mike Shanahan could climb up to No. 2 and select either Andrew Luck or Robert Griffin III. Asked at the owners meetings whether the Rams might trade further down or try to head up to Cleveland's No. 4 overall pick, Fisher said that "it would probably be more realistic for us to move down than it would up." Of course, the new rookie wage scale makes the trading of draft picks a more friendly process, and this year, there's no lockout to compress the issue. []

-- The most important Pro Day in the 2012 pre-draft process happens Thursday, and it will certainly affect who moves up and down in the top 10.

Texas A&M quarterback Ryan Tannehill, who couldn't throw at the scouting combine because of a foot injury, will throw in front of NFL personnel for the first time since he started working with quarterback coach Chris Weinke, who has also helped Cam Newton, Christian Ponder and Kirk Cousins. If Tannehill lights it up, he could be slotted as high as Cleveland's current fourth pick, and there are several other options in the top 10. []

-- We conclude this episode of Deep Posts with Ray Lewis' speech to the Stanford men's basketball team before a recent NIT contest. We present it without comment, since nothing we say could enhance the message. Well, except to say ... yes, we too are now "pissed off for greatness."

Courtesy of the Cardinal Channel

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