Deep Posts: Should the Polians be forced to go?

-- Bob Kravitz of the Indianapolis Star contends that when the Colts' miserable season ends, team owner Jim Irsay needs to do more than assemble the money needed to sign Andrew Luck … it might also be time to clean house in the coaching department and the front office. Head coach Jim Caldwell is almost certainly a goner, but there's more and more heat on Vice Chairman Bill Polian and son Chris as Peyton Manning's absence has revealed many "interesting" draft decisions made by the braintrust over the last few years. I could do without Kravitz's constant reminders that he doesn't get along with Polian the Elder — most journos don't and it's not really relevant — but it has been argued that Bill Polian has lost his fastball, and that Chris may not have had one in the first place. []

-- Another Colts story: Former tight Ben Utecht is the latest one-time NFL player to come forward with the frightening story of what in-game concussions have done to his ability to remember things. Stories like this make the NFL's glacial pace when it comes to doing the right thing about a real concussion policy even more unconscionable than it already is. []

-- The Cleveland Browns will face no punishment for violating the league's current concussion policy (such as it is) in about five different ways. This is both predictable and disgusting. []

-- According to Andrew Brandt, the Carolina Panthers hold the best and worst current NFL player contracts. [National Football Post]

-- Jerry Jones is "scared" to face the Eagles. This is what you've done, Jason Garrett and Rob Ryan! [ESPN Dallas]

-- USC junior quarterback Matt Barkley will announce his decision whether to stay or go pro in a press conference Thursday afternoon. [USC Athletics]

-- Meanwhile, Kyle Shanahan seems less impressed with Rex Grossman's performance of late. Hint: In four months, these two stories could very well be related. {Washington Post]

-- An underrated superstar: St. Louis Rams running back Steven Jackson is about to log his seventh 1,000-yard season. Much of his yardage has come behind ravaged offensive lines, with sub-par quarterbacks and iffy receivers allowing opposing defenses to stack the box. Jackson is too classy to say this, but we're not: On a better team, he'd be talked about as one of the best backs of his era. We'll go ahead and say that he is, anyway. [Pro Football Weekly]

-- Add former New York Giants defensive end Michael Strahan to the list of people who are tied of Rex Ryan's bravado. "If I have to walk into a room and tell you how bad I am, I'm probably not that bad," Strahan said. "If I'm comfortable in my own skin, I shouldn't have to convince people of my words. That's the whole thing with Rex I look at. At some point, you just look and go, 'Enough is enough.'" Valid point, but someone should tell Strahan that no team is talking more crap right now than the Giants. [National Football Post]

-- In the long, long, long list of job titles that Vinny Cerrato can't competently take on, add "rapper" to "general manager" and "football analyst" and "radio show host." We need to hear Matt Millen rap right now, people. [Hogs Haven]

UPDATE: Alert reader Patrick McNelis has made us aware that Millen HAS actually rapped on camera before. At the 3:07 mark:

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