Deep Posts: Other sports honor Pat Tillman well, too

Shutdown Corner

Greatest hockey goalie mask ever? Greatest hockey goalie mask ever.

• Despite leading the Colts in their best effort of the season, Curtis Painter has not yet been named the team's permanent starting quarterback. Come on, Jim Caldwell (or whoever gets to make lineup decisions in Indy). Let the Painter paint.

• Joe Namath is becoming a professional hater. Relax a little bit, Joe. I know you've got a certain image that you're trying to live down, but you don't have to swing all the way back to the other direction of "cranky old man," either.

• Starting next year, the Denver Broncos will be back in orange jerseys, full time.

• Oh really, kid? Your hot dog has a first name? Well you and Oscar can get the hell away from the Jacksonville Jaguars. Kayem foods will now be providing their hot dogs, sausages and deli meats.

• An in-depth look at exactly what Laron Landry was doing in that bathroom stall.

• Hank Williams Jr. apologized for his Hitler/Obama comments. Will ESPN take him back now? How about we just compromise and use this version? "Remember, no matter how dirtbaggy anyone seems, underneath it all, they still got a heart." I think we could all learn something from that.

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