Deep Posts: It’s only a 4-3 defense when Bill Belichick says it is!


Bill Belichick says that the New England Patriots' alleged move to a 4-3 defense is a "media fabrication." We'll have more on this soon, but the speculation (based on the signings of players like Albert Haynesworth and Andre Carter) is a bit simplistic. As Belichick points out, he was using Lawrence Taylor as a moving chess piece to alternate between three- and four-man fronts 30 years ago, and he's still finding new ways to use hybrid fronts. When you hear about a team moving from this defense to that, it's generally a bit more complicated.

Tennessee Titans cornerback Cortland Finnegan says that his absence from training camp was not contract-related.

You're not going to believe this, but the Philadelphia Eagles could STILL move under the salary cap with a couple of restructures. I'm starting to think those guys know what they're doing.

Speaking of the Eagles, DeSean Jackson (whose absence from training camp WAS contract-related) reported to camp Monday morning.

The people in Seattle who signed Tarvaris Jackson are now saying that he was jerked around in Minnesota. Fair point, but Brett Favre was involved, guys. We were ALL jerked around.

Chicago Bears offensive line coach Mike Tice has announced that first-round draft pick Gabe Carimi will start at right tackle this season, with 2010 seventh-round pick J'Marcus Webb at right tackle. It's a good thing that Jay Cutler is what the scouts like to call "deceptively mobile…"

Former Miami Dolphins quarterback/receiver Pat White taught NFL teams a lesson about drafting option specialists early and expecting too much, too soon (or at all). It seems that the Kansas City Chiefs are coming up against that same issue with 2010 second-round pick Dexter McCluster. The former Mississippi waterbug is the odd man out in Kansas City's current offense.

Dan Snyder is pleased with the Redskins' current direction. And what is that, exactly?

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