Deep Posts: Notable names missing

-- This Labor Day Deep Posts is, in part, about those names you're not seeing in certain places. We'll start with San Diego Chargers receiver Vincent Jackson(notes), whose holdout continues. Pro Football Talk reported over the weekend that Jackson's representatives had a one-year deal worked out with another team, but talks are now dead. Smith had granted permission for Jackson to broker deals around the NFL pending his approval of said deals, but given Smith's reputation as a hard-line guy, one wouldn't have been surprised if Smith did that knowing full well that no team would meet his price in trade. However, Kevin Acee of the San Diego Union-Tribune reports that it was Jackson's asking price that killed the deal, and that the team's demands in trade have decreased. Jackson is currently inactive through week six - he's on the team's roster exempt list - but the NFLPA would probably like to argue that a trade would negate that status.

-- Speaking of guys not where they're expected to be, the Pittsburgh Steelers announced their 2010 team captains today: Receiver Hines Ward(notes), tight end Heath Miller(notes), linebacker James Farrior(notes), and special teams maven Keyaron Fox(notes). Hmmm ... notice anyone missing? I wonder if the quarterback-free list will be revised when Ben Roethlisberger(notes) returns to the team in Week 5, or if the Steelers realized the potential PR boo-boo it would be to hold up Big Ben as an example of all that is good and right with the franchise's name. (H/T to Bob McLaughlin of FOX 970 in Pittsburgh for that news)

-- Many thought that exiled Arizona Cardinals quarterback Matt Leinart(notes) would wind up with Pete Carroll in Seattle, but the Seahawks have been too busy blowing up pretty much their entire roster to notice that Carroll's former Heisman winner at USC was on the open market. Instead, Leinart will head to the Houston Texans, which features an offense allegedly more friendly to Leinart's abilities. I would think that any offense that runs the ball a LOT would be most friendly to Leinart's current abilities, but that's just me.

-- One of Seattle's roster casualties, receiver T.J. Houshmandzadeh(notes), has signed with the Baltimore Ravens. The Ravens get Housh for the vet minimum because former Seahawks GM Tim Ruskell signed off on offset language in the five-year, $40 million contract Houshmandzadeh signed just last year. The Seahawks will be billed for the remainder of Housh's $7 million 2010 guarantee. As any beleagured Seahawks fan would tell you, this is reason #2,619,348,034,765 that Tim Ruskell no longer has the contract pen in his hand with any NFL team.

-- And here's a guy you probably won't see when the Washington Redskins face the Dallas Cowboys in their season opener this Sunday: our favorite D.C. malcontent, Albert Haynesworth(notes). Coaches deemed his performance against the Arizona Cardinals "awful" (hard to argue; he looked like he was waiting in line at the DMV when he was on the field), and that Haynesworth failed to give maximum effort on 49 of 55 defensive plays in which he was involved. As a result, it's quite possible that Haynesworth will be listed as inactive, or simply benched, against the Cowboys. Head coach Mike Shanahan was trying to make a point by putting Haynesworth in for major reps late in the final preseason game (where the scrubs usually reside), but Haynesworth should have taken the hint and stepped it up. The only question is, how long will the Redskins limp along with this situation? Could it ruin a promising season?

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