Deep Posts: Nnamdi’s back pages

You think the New York Jets were bitter about losing the Nnamdi Asomugha lottery? It certainly seems that the New York Daily News hasn't quite recovered. And by the way, when were the Giants interested?

Nnamdi's new team, the Philadelphia Eagles, now have 9/1 odds to win the Super Bowl. That's up from 12/1 before they signed free agency's biggest prize. We wonder if that number will change if the rumors are true, and current Eagles cornerback Asante Samuel is let go in a trade.

As our buddy Peter King points out, "One of the incredibly stupid post-lockout rules is having FA vets signed as of Friday and not able to practice for days. Idiocy."

Former Baltimore Ravens nose tackle Kelly Gregg was signed by the Kansas City Chiefs, who probably chose to pass on watching film of this play when making their decision.

Recently released Patriots defensive lineman Ty Warren said that Bill Belichick may be making a move to more 4-3 defensive packages. That may be true, but it's also important to remember that as much as the Pats have been labeled a 3-4 team over the last decade, they go back and forth as much as any team — they probably go about 50/50 at this point. Belichick helped invent the modern hybrid-front concept with the New York Giants in the early 1980s by moving Lawrence Taylor on and off the line, so he's never going to just stick with one static schematic concept.

The Houston Texans have bought the groceries on defense; now it's time for new defensive coordinator Wade Phillips to get cooking.

Redskins head coach Mike Shanahan is staking his reputation on a quarterback rotation of John Beck and Rex Grossman.  "You talk about a guy not being experienced — I believe in the guys," Shanahan said. "I believe in 'em. And I've been doing this for a long time. And I put my reputation on these guys that they can play." Shanahan then joked about Beck's road to the Pro Bowl, which probably isn't funny to a large group of increasingly apoplectic Redskins fans.

Not to be outdone in the "Weird statements from our nation's capitol" department, former 'Skins GM Vinny Cerrato recently said that if he had to do it all over again, he wouldn't hesitate to sign Albert Haynesworth to an enormous contract. In other news, Matt Millen would like to thank Cerrato for making him look relatively competent.

Oh, and the labor issues aren't quite over just yet — the NFL and NFLPA are still negotiating the parts of the new collective bargaining agreement that could only be officially discussed after the NFLPA reform as a union. There's no risk of another work stoppage, but it will be a few days before everything's sewn up and the new league year can begin.

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