Deep Posts: More fake injuries and other things

Shutdown Corner

Thurday's developments in the world of injury-faking:

• Former New York Giants linebacker Bryan Kehl (for one game, actually) accused Giants defensive coordinator Perry Fewell of coaching his players to fake injuries.

• Perry Fewell pretty much agreed with him.

• At the bottom of the same article, veteran Browns linebacker Scott Fujita added this:

"I've been places where it has been (taught). They have a name for it and I've been places where it's been pre-called. I've been places where it's one player who has been designated. Maybe I'm getting everyone in trouble, but I'm just being honest."

• Tony Dungy told Dan Patrick that the Texans were the "worst offenders" in terms of faking injuries. Funny, it never seemed to help them much.

Elsewhere, in news that has nothing to do with fake injuries:

• Mike Martz takes the blame for Chicago's loss to New Orleans over the weekend, saying he did "a poor job of coaching." The Bears passed 52 times and ran 11. Nice gesture by Martz, but he was trailing the whole game, and a factor bigger than his coaching may be that the Saints are just better than the Bears.

• Jay Leno made a joke at the expense of the Kansas City Chiefs.

• Miami Dolphins blog Phin Phanatic believes that before the upcoming Dolphins road trip is finished, head coach Tony Sparano will have been canned.

• The latest in Steelers' tattoos? Dermal implants.

• Is there a more attractive game on the menu this weekend than Buccaneers vs. Falcons? Doesn't matter. It's going to be blacked out locally.

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