Deep Posts: Merry Christmas from Santa Mooch!

-- If you haven't seen the "Santa Mooch" skit from Saturday's Gameday Morning show on the NFL Network, prepare to spend six minutes laughing your butt off. It starts off with Steve Mariucci dressed as Santa, talking like one of the Czechoslovakian brothers from "Saturday Night Live," and hitting on the cute elves. The comedy just escalates from there. Trust us. []

-- More holiday shenanigans: NESN put together a very special gallery featuring the Photoshopped visage of New England Patriots mega-tight end Rob Gronkowski on just about every Christmas movie poster you've ever seen. You can see our personal favorite right here. Bill Belichick as Snoopy? Done! [NESN, poster IMDB, photos AP]

-- Do potentially career-ending neck injuries come in threes? We certainly hope not, but after Peyton Manning and Nick Collins, it appears that there are similar question marks about the future of Denver Broncos safety Brian Dawkins. The veteran was pulled from the team's 40-14 loss to the Buffalo Bills with what was his fourth neck injury of the season. The 16-year veteran is one of the more admirable players we've ever seen take the field, and we hope he'll be okay — in and out of football. [Denver Post]

-- Fortunately for New York Giants head coach Tom Coughlin, he wasn't seriously hurt, Sean Payton-style, when he was overrun by a player on the sideline. Late in the fourth quarter of the Giants' win over the New York Jets, running back D.J. Ware barreled into Coughlin's left leg. It brought to mind when Payton tore his MCL after a collision with tight end Jimmy Graham in October, but Coughlin was able to walk away. "I am never better," Coughlin said. Nobody is worried about how fast I am and nobody was ever worried about that, as a matter of fact. I got it on the knee but I think it is up higher." Giants CEO John Mara on his coach: "You'd have to kill him to keep him down." Too Grumpy to Die? Quite possibly. [ESPN New York]

-- Matt Mosely has a nice piece on Dallas Cowboys team owner Jerry Jones in which he reveals Jerrah's many special gifts — his ability to serve as head coach, trainer, doctor, general manager, and whatever else he decides to turn his hand to. It brings forth the ancillary query: Do the Cowboys start tanking it when Jones talks more, or does Jones talk more when the Cowboys start tanking it? We ask ourselves this same question every year, it seems. [Fox Sports Southwest]

-- Are teams without marquee quarterbacks doomed to Super Bowl droughts? Many believe that's the case these days; teams like the San Francisco 49ers are trying to prove that the old-school approach still works. [Wall Street Journal]

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