Deep Posts: Marathon negotiations lead the news

In what turned into a 16-hour session on Thursday, owners and players reached a great and frustrating divide over revenue splits and other key issues. Many insiders (including Yahoo's own Mike Silver) detailed a very large step backward in the process. Mediator Arthur Boylan has been credited with keeping things in line, diffusing egos on both sides, and threatening everyone with a call to the Eighth Circuit Court. Albert Breer of the NFL Network is your man on the ground for constant updates. Talks will continue on Friday, which is a very good thing — it shows some real urgency to push through the details and come to a resolution, even if the two sides aren't as close on key issues as we'd like to believe. We'll have more details as Friday's talks wrap up.

Want proof that the lockout is tough? Third-overall pick Marcell Dareus is trading yard chores for rent.

Ah, so Albert Haynesworth was PLANKING. Now we understand.

Chad Ochocinco's most recent alternate sport: NASCAR. Oh, and threatening to "whoop Marvin Lewis' ass."

Wisconsin's new gun law may mean one thing: Concealed weapons in Lambeau Field. That would certainly give Brett Favre one more good reason to stay in Mississippi.

Always-quotable Dallas Cowboys tight end Martellus Bennett was in fine form this week. Bennett may have been even more outspoken had he been hanging out with Deion Sanders Jr. Sanders the Younger recently got some grief in the same Dallas mall where Dez Bryant was harrassed for wearing his pants too low. On the good side, this kind of selective enforcement will get the kid ready for the NCAA.'s Adam Caplan reports that one AFC team has been aggressively sending out playbooks to its players in clear violation of the lockout code. In other news, people download stuff illegally.

Jon Gruden loves him some Terrelle Pryor, but Matt Bowen of the National Football Post isn't convinced. Neither am I.

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