Deep Posts: Looking for girls in yellow bikinis, but who isn't?

• Those girls in the Lambeau crowd wearing the yellow bikinis? Maxim's looking for them. To get their thoughts on Kyoto Protocol, I assume, and not to exploit or objectify them in any way. [Sports by Brooks]

• Here's a nice place to get some Patriots Super Bowl gear ... if you hate the Patriots. The "Your Quarterback has a Bastard Child" shirt seems a little harsh. [Unabated to the Quarterback]

• Wondering why the Patriots don't have Sean Taylor's #21 on their helmet, but have a #91 instead? [First and 10 Inches]

• The final (sort-of) order for the 2008 NFL Draft. [East Coast Bias]

Jake Plummer is linked to some criminal behavior (not really). [Blogimore Ravens]

• Akeem was right about the kicking of the oblong ball ... to show his appreciation, Plaxico Burress should play the Super Bowl with a head full of Soul Glo. []

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