Deep Posts: Lil' Wayne, Taiwanese animation, Jay Gruden

Why Is This News, the Yahoo! Sports podcast that's sweeping the nation, had me on as a guest today. Here that is, if podcasts are your thing. Ben Roethlisberger's(notes) redemption, Jay Cutler's(notes) (un)likability, Aaron Rodgers'(notes) future in the league and Super Bowl predictions were all up for discussion.

• Falcons head coach Mike Smith got a three-year contract extension. Obviously.

• Lil' Wayne remixed Wiz Khalifa's "Black and Yellow" into "Green and Yellow," a Packers tribute. I'd embed the video here, but there's some naughty language, as you might expect from a Weezy F. joint.

• Speaking of videos I can't embed here, the Super Bowl has finally been previewed by Taiwanese animators. For some reason, no one's ever discussed with me the official Yahoo! policy on videos that include quarterbacks who are nude, except for the famous London clock towers covering or replacing their genitalia.

• The Bengals have tagged Arena Football coaching legend (I believe I just coined that term) Jay Gruden as their new offensive coordinator. Jay has won four ArenaBowl titles as a quarterback and six ArenaBowls in 18 years as a coach. I don't care what league it is, those numbers mean you can coach. And yes, if you're curious, he is Jon Gruden's little brother. Jay is already committed to the cause of keeping Carson Palmer happy.

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