Deep Posts: Jack Del Rio says no, but USC may want Mooch

As it turns out, Jack Del Rio will be sticking around in Jacksonville. Good for Jacksonville.

• Curious as to USC's next choice? Reportedly, they attempt to dip back into the NFL ranks and bring Steve Mariucci out of television land. I hope this one happens. As much as I love NFL Network's GameDay, it's good in spite of Mariucci, and not because of him. I see it as a chance to make that show even better.

• Stump Mitchell, who served as running backs coach in Washington under Jim Zorn, came out today and questioned Clinton Portis's work ethic. Portis, I'm sure, will take it in stride and not be upset at all about it.

This is what happens when a politician attempts to compare Barack Obama to Jim Zorn.

•'s Pat Kirwan writes about the 3-4 defense, and how it's figuring heavily into the playoffs right now. Most of the league still goes 4-3, but most of the teams in the playoffs are 3-4 teams.

• Injured Patriots wide receiver Wes Welker(notes) was photographed at with Anna Burns. Who is Anna Burns? I had no idea, either, but I've spent the last few minutes researching her. Miss Burns won the 2005 Hooters International Contest, and I think she ruined the Patriots 2009/2010 season.

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