Deep Posts: I hope we've learned a lesson about self-exposure

• Remember those two Saints who allegedly could not keep their genitals to themselves? They've been released. And now the number of people in New Orleans who routinely expose themselves has been reduced by 0.000000001 percent.

• <Willard Scott>Frank Gore's grandfather turned 100 years old this weekend. Congratulations, Troy Gore!</Willard Scott>

• The top-selling rookie jersey so far this year? Not surprisingly, Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez. He's even outselling last year's top-seller, Darren McFadden, but I think that's only because of the large number of Raiders fans who made their own McFadden jerseys out of black t-shirts and duct tape.

• Here's a glance ahead at the Top 10 prospects for the 2010 draft.

• Eagles back-up quarterback AJ Feeley is being stalked. A 39-year-old lady named Ayesha Muzaffar really should learn to admire him from afar. HEY-O!

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