Deep Posts: Girls with clothes on ... hooray

• Those Packers bikini girls? They're not going to take their clothes off. Hooray for good old midwestern values. [FanHouse]

• Broncos WR Brandon Marshall is making some progress in becoming a leader. [All Things Broncos]

• A Baltimore blogger feels like Rex Ryan is getting a bit of a raw deal, and I'm inclined to agree. I don't know why anyone would say "crap on a stick," though. [It Never Rains in College Park]

Ethan Albright was once the lowest-rated player in Madden videogame history ... and now he's going to the Pro Bowl. Suck on that, Madden. [Hogs Haven]

• The Colts look to be having some problems with their new stadium. And, as always with KSK, this one comes with a language alert. [Kissing Suzy Kolber]

• If you have over $10,000 to burn, you can get Barry Sanders and Terrell Davis to come to your Super Bowl party. [eBay]

• I'm late in getting to this, but this Ryan Parker song about Eli Manning's need to be Superman ... it's fantastic. [Ryan Parker Songs]