Deep Posts: Is this the end for Haynesworth in D.C.?

-- Multiple reports came out Tuesday morning indicating that the Washington Redskins and Tennessee Titans have apparently been discussing a trade that could send notably disgruntled defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth(notes) back to his first NFL team. Haynesworth, who signed a seven-year, $100 million contract in 2009 and accepted a $21 million roster bonus in April of 2010, has balked at the team's new 3-4 defense. There has been concern that Haynesworth's "awful" effort in the Redskins' final preseason game against the Arizona Cardinals would lead to his benching or inactive status in the regular-season opener against the Dallas Cowboys. If this trade is actually in motion, you'd think that Mike Shanahan would want Haynesworth out of the picture and off the roster by Sunday morning. It'd be a good short-term deal for the Titans -- Haynesworth is scheduled to make just $3.5 million in base salary in 2010, and the Redskins have already put themselves on the hook for much of the guaranteed portion of the contract. As a result, it would be much easier to simply cut the player if his effort is found to be lacking in the future (which it almost certainly will be).

-- One player who has lived up to his current contract, and is about to get a new one, is New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady(notes). Mr. Fabulous is reportedly about to get a three-year, $58 million contract extension. Guaranteed money is unknown, but shorter-term extensions (like the one recently given to New York Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis) generally pack a lot of upfront money in the deal. Brady was set to make $6.5 million this season ($3.5 million base and a $3 million roster bonus), so this would be far more in line with what he brings to the team. Unlike many players, and perhaps because he knew the Pats were going to cough up the dough in his case, Brady has been very quiet about the situation. "Certainly, that's everybody's goal," he told the Boston Herald about his desire to finish his career in Foxboro. "That's Troy Brown's(notes) goal. That's Tedy Bruschi's(notes) goal. A lot of people have that. At the same time, I know that I'm playing this year, hopefully ... it's still my responsibility to come out and earn a job and do the best that I can do. That's really my focus."

-- Yahoo! Sports uber-reporters Charles Robinson and Jason Cole broke the news that the Heisman Trust is voiding the Heisman Trophy won by USC running back Reggie Bush(notes) in 2005. This is the first time in the 75-year history of the Heisman that a player has been stripped of the award. Bush was found to have been in violation of several different NCAA rules during his time at USC, and because he was technically (though retroactively) ineligible in his 2005 campaign, there's no point in giving a trophy to a guy who doesn't exist. Bush, who is preparing for the New Orleans Saints' season opener against the Minnesota Vikings, could not immediately be reached for comment. Current Titans (and former Texas Longhorns) quarterback Vince Young(notes), who finished second in the 2005 voting and has already said that he would not want the award were it offered to him, will not get the chance to refuse it -- the 2005 Heisman will simply remain vacant for all time.

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