Deep Posts: EA Sports and the NFL extend their deal into forever

• Bad news if you wanted to see some other company make an NFL video game in the next bazillion years. Only the Madden franchise can use NFL players and team names until 2013, by which point EA will probably have found a way to just kill all their competitors anyway. [Kotaku]

• Vikings starting defensive end Kenechi Udeze has been diagnosed with leukemia. No word yet on what kind of leukemia and precisely how bad it is, but it's chilling in any case. Best wishes. [Star Tribune]

• Look at Jim Zorn, taking a little shot at Shaun Alexander. That makes him a lot like any NFL writer out there, actually. [Hashmarks]

• No one drove the "Derek Anderson is for real" bus any harder than I did this past year, but even I think the Dolphins giving up the #1 overall for him would be insane. [Phin Phanatic]

• Speaking of the Dolphins and quarterbacks, they let go of Trent Green. A Ravens blogger (and this would be shocking if it was any team but the Ravens) would like to see Trent in purple. [The Ebony Bird]

• And speaking of the Ravens, they'll franchise Terrell Suggs if they have to. [Ravens Gab]

• I'm all for rewarding players who have earned it, but something tells me the Giants are going to regret giving out a 5-year, $7 million contract to a 29-year-old Lawrence Tynes. [Daily News]

• They're bringing Jeff Feagles back, too. I don't think he'll be getting a 5-year deal, though. [Inside the Giants]

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