Deep Posts: If you didn't get enough Michael Vick yesterday

• We've got just a couple more Vick links for you today. But after that, we'll take a break for a while, I promise. First, if you'd like to add your name to a petition to get Michael Vick(notes) reinstated to the NFL, you can do so here.

• Also, in the latest Sports Illustrated, Tony Dungy comments on Michael Vick's daddy issues.

• Here's a rather amazing little story about a standard NFL physical that saved Cardinals defensive end Kenny Iwebema's life.

• It might mean something or it might not, but Brady Quinn's been taking the first-team reps in Browns mini-camp.

• The ten players who are most crucial for the Eagles to succeed in 2009.

• Jets linebacker Bart Scott(notes) assessed Mark Sanchez's(notes) performance thus far in minicamp: "You're gonna get somebody killed, Sanchez."

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