Deep Posts: Deep thoughts, by Domonique Foxworth

Legendary football writer Peter King is on vacation, and he's come up with a great idea over the last few years when he takes off before the season starts: Get current players to write his "Monday Morning Quarterback" column in his stead. This year, Baltimore Ravens cornerback Domonique Foxworth starts it off with some interesting thoughts on his injury-bombed 2010 season, the responsibility to fund better health care for retired players, and the progress of the new CBA. He also got off a few deep thoughts near the end of his "Monday Morning Cornerback" column:

a. Today's technology is amazing. At least once a month I look at my smartphone or iPad and say, "Holy $*&@, this is incredible."

b. Hey, fellas, you should be clothed in your Twitter profile pic. Nothing is more unsettling than reading "The US economy is in shambles. We can't afford to raise the debt ceiling" while looking at greased-up abs.

c. I think the education crisis is today's civil rights movement. Our inability to provide high level education and opportunities to children in every community is just as oppressive to some children as an America that permits racial discrimination.

d. I think cell phones have ruined pushing people into pools.

e. Whenever someone says, "I'm not book smart, but I'm street smart," all I hear is, "I'm not real smart, but I'm imaginary smart."

I've talked with Foxworth before on an NFLPA media conference call (he's also a highly placed player rep), and he's a very interesting guy. Let's hope he's into sharing more of his thoughts down the road, because there may be more in the well already.

Other news and notes:

Pat White has landed with the UFL's Virginia Destroyers. Take notes, Mr. Pryor.

Chad Ochocinco wants to wrestle alligators, which may be an easier task than catching floaters from Andy Dalton this fall. As usual, Ocho's quotes are pure gold.

"I just one-upped (Brown): I am going to wrestle alligators," Ochocinco told WXIX-TV. "Don't laugh, like I am serious and you'll see it. And I am living life. In Okeechobee (Fla.), I am wrestling alligators. Actually, catching them in the wild. Which is going to be really interesting, I am catching them in the wild. I forgot the individual's name who is going with me, who does it for a living.

"It's pretty dangerous, I could lose an arm, lose a leg, you know … so was bull riding. So the chance of me getting hurt on the bull is similar to the chance as me winning the lottery, slim to none. And the same thing with alligators. If he bites me, I can still play with one arm. (Because) I can kick, seriously.

Don't ever change, Chad. We're serious.

The Bills have decided to spin their increased involvement with the city of Toronto as "building a regional presence." We can think of another way to spin it: "Welcome to L.A.!"

A group of players are meeting in Minneapolis to discuss preparations for the next round of meetings with the owners. The NFLPA is holding the Rookie Symposium in Bradenton, Fla. this week, but we're pretty sure DeMaurice Smith could break away to get the new CBA that much closer to fruition.

As is usually the case, Andrew Brandt of ESPN and the National Football Post has a brilliant take on the minds of the players this far into the lockout.

Last year, the Oakland Raiders led the NFL in formations with six or more offensive linemen, and they were among the most effective teams running power, as well. We've always liked the way the Raiders and Ravens use extra linemen to expand their ground game, and you can expect Tom Cable to take the concept to Seattle — the Seahawks can use all the help they can get with their run game, which is why they hired Cable in the first place.