Deep Posts: Cam Cameron, mercifully, back to being a coordinator

• Cam Cameron may have found somewhere he can use all the experience he gained last year with bad quarterbacks: Baltimore. [Palm Beach Post]

• If you're an investor, Darren Rovell tells you why you should be rooting for the Giants. [CNBC]

• And we're starting already with the mock drafts ... beautiful. [SportsAgentBlog]

• Patriots fans, you can have a great time here with this fellow, watching the game and rooting against field goals with every fiber of your being (naughty language and rather graphic sexual content alert). [We Are the Postmen]

• Larry McCarren's Locker Room Show scores a segment with the Packers bikini girls, Jen, Ashley, and Liz. Congratulations to Mr. McCarren for being able to contain himself. [Mr. Irrelevant]

• If you're the kind of guy who pines for six consecutive hours of Mike and Mike, ESPN has a treat for you on Super Bowl Sunday. [Awful Announcing]

• An ESPN headline writer getting in a subtle little dig at Tony Dungy? Well done. [a robot, piece of sloan] via [The Big Lead]

• And please send some positive thoughts out to former Titans DT Rien Long. [Titans Radio]