Deep Posts: Broken vertebrae will not keep Joe DeCamillis down

• Joe DeCamillis, one of the Cowboys coaches hurt in the practice facility collapse, is now back on the field with a crazy neck apparatus and a megaphone. He talks about it here.

Randy Moss(notes) is the greatest wide receiver of all-time, according to Randy Moss.

• While on the subject of receivers,'s Pat Kirwin gives us a list of ten guys ready to make a sizable jump in production in 2009.

• The Madden player ratings are out, and here are the best 10 at each offensive skill position. Randy Moss is going to be awfully disappointed when he sees three guys better than him.

• Brian Belichick, 17 years old and the son of Bill Belichick, was arrested for drinking at daddy's workplace over the weekend.

Greg Ellis is finished with the Cowboys, if anyone out there is interested in a quality veteran linebacker.

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