Deep Posts: Brandon Weeden believes in Brandon Weeden

• Twenty-eight-year-old Cleveland Browns rookie quarterback Brandon Weeden has declared himself ready to start in the NFL. This, despite the fact that he's never before actually faced an NFL defense. In a related story, I am ready to singlehandedly conquer the Lesser Antilles.

• Sticking with the Browns for a second, 44.54 percent of Browns fans are extremely optimistic people.

• Here's a reminder that Jonathan Vilma has actually been accused to accepting money for knocking players out of games before: at Miami, with the money coming from Nevin Shapiro.

• Five reasons to be optimistic that the Chargers can have a better defense in 2012 than they had in 2011.

• Drayton Florence, a starter at cornerback last year for the Buffalo Bills, was released. With the Bills drafting Stephon Gilmore, he became expendable.

• DeMarco Murray says the ankle he broke late last year is fine.

• Darrell Green's son, Jared, is getting a look from the Carolina Panthers.

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