Deep Posts: Brandon Pettigrew is sorry

Shutdown Corner

• Detroit Lions tight end Brandon Pettigrew has released a statement apologizing for shoving an official in the Sunday night game. Afterwards, he, Ndamukong Suh, Matthew Stafford, Joey Harrington, Eric Hipple and Herman Moore burned down a bowling alley and overthrew the government of Honduras.

• If it looks like Jeff Garcia and smells like Jeff Garcia, it's probably Jeff Garcia. At age 41, he is about to be a Houston Texan.

• Dan Rooney wants the Pittsburgh Steelers to play a game in Ireland.

• Jason La Canfora says that at least two teams have contacted Jeff Fisher about coaching their team in 2012. He mentions the Cowboys, Giants, Chargers and Rams as possibilities. I would not be opposed to Jeff Fisher replacing Norv Turner.

• It's four games each for Washington Redskins substance abusers Fred Davis and Trent Williams. That's the rest of the season.

• Grantland's Chuck Klosterman writes on Tim Tebow. It is, as you might expect, very very Klosterman.

• I love this. Deadspin decided to call up Brett Favre's agent and see if he would flatly deny that Brett Favre has some interest in joining the Ice Capades. Guess how that turned out.

• Lance Briggs is not only a comic book nerd, he is a comic book creator. And a good one, from what I can gather.

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