Decker’s girlfriend is performing at halftime of the Broncos game

Chris Chase

Jessie James (no, not that one, or that one; she's pictured above on the right) will be performing at halftime of Thursday's Denver Broncos game, a wholly unremarkable event save for the fact that the country music singer is dating Broncos wide receiver Eric Decker. Given the recent penchant of NFLers for putting their lady friends ahead of the game at hand, there was the potential for some sort of contrived David Nelson-esque show of affection.

Maybe the receiver would crash the concert and look on longingly from the sideline?


"I'm excited," he said of the performance. "I wish I could sneak out, but don't tell coach Fox."

He has someone recording it for him, which is understandable. But, ooh, perhaps he'd score a touchdown and hand James the ball while she belts out an a cappella?

Another negative.

"She's going to be up in one of those suites," Decker said. "I'm not climbing the wall and trekking up there. Maybe I'll throw it to her." (And, in doing so, likely double the total number of passes thrown by the Broncos during the game.)

James' self-titled debut album reached No. 23 on the Billboard charts in 2009. Later that year, she performed the national anthem at a Dallas Cowboys game while wearing a Tony Romo jersey.

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