DeAngelo Hall wanted to bet gold medalist $100k on a race

Chris Chase
Shutdown Corner

DeAngelo Hall is always mouthy with his confidence. According to Olympic gold medalist LeShawn Merritt, he was willing to put his money on it.

The Washington Redskins cornerback told Beijing's 400-meter champion that he'd put up $100,000 against Merritt's gold medal in a race.

Explains Merritt, via DC Sports Bog:

"He is from the same area as me, and his agent was having a pool party right after the Olympics. D-Hall is a trash talker, so of course he started talking that he could beat me in a race. I just won the gold medal so I wasn't hearing any of it. He was going to put up $100,000 against my gold medal. He wanted to do a 40-yard dash, but we settled on the 100-meter. Nothing ever came of it, though."

Nothing came of it? So it's like all of DeAngelo Hall's other trash talk?

Hall is fast. And Merritt is a middle-distance sprinter, not a 9.8 burner like Usain Bolt or Tyson Gay. Could the football player have won in a short race?

I think it's possible. Merritt's best time in the 100 was a 10.56 run five years ago. For reference: That's a mark that was surpassed by 20 of the 24 competitors in last year's NCAA track championships. If Merritt ran a 10.8, Hall could conceivably keep up.

This is far different than when Chris Johnson "challenged" Usain Bolt. The Tennessee Titans running back wouldn't have come within a half-second of the Jamaican sprinter. This theoretical race would be a bit different. Hall wasn't asking to run Merritt in his specialty.

The Olympian still should have taken the bet. Forget outrunning the cornerback. As most NFL receivers know, all it takes is a double move to beat DeAngelo Hall.

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