DeAngelo Hall has the audacity to enjoy himself during lockout

Chris Chase

If Reggie Bush is looking for somebody to fill out his golf foursome, he may want to give Washington Redskins cornerback DeAngelo Hall a call. Turns out that Hall, like Bush, is enjoying the time off from the lockout.

Hall spoke to reporters on Monday. Dan Steinberg of the D.C. Sports Bog has the money quotes:

"It feels kind of good to still be on summer vacation, so to say. I'm enjoying myself, loving the downtime. Body's getting a chance to really really heal up. I feel good."

Young guys with a lot of money in the bank are enjoying unexpected free time from work? The hell you say! I'd have thought DeAngelo Hall would have preferred to be in rainy D.C. two weekends ago participating in meaningless voluntary practices rather than kicking back and not participating in meaningless voluntary practices. This is stunning news to anybody who's upset that they don't have to go into the office on Memorial Day.

Dour Farrar made a fine point on Shutdown Corner when discussing similar comments Reggie Bush made earlier this week. It's not the enjoyment of the time off that's the problem, Doug wrote, but the contradictory message it sends to judges and owners that the lockout is causing "irreparable harm."

If there's a rash of players coming out and telling stories about getting pulled over while eating caviar in their Bugattis, then I fully agree. But with all due respect to my colleague, nobody's debating that DeAngelo Hall and Reggie Bush are pajama rich. The lockout isn't hinging on that fact. Bush has been getting paid since college. Hall once "earned" $8 million for playing in eight games. His mere existence is a detriment to the players' case. Talking can't make it worse.

And if we're going to criticize them for , what about Hannibal Brady and that fedora which had to have cost a fortune. That guy's been jet-setting all over the world like he's Phileas Fogg and his name is on the lawsuit!

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