DeAndre Levy visited Amazon River during offseason; ate frogs, rats and piranha

So you're a player in the National Football League, at the very pinnacle of your profession with enough money to do whatever you like. Where do you go? What do you do? How much unnecessary garbage do you buy?

While many of his colleagues spent the offseason the beach or get into trouble in their old college towns, Detroit linebacker DeAndre Levy gets far, far away. As the Detroit News reports, Levy has an affinity for world travel. Last year, the 2009 first-rounder and four-year starter went to Botswana and South Africa, and this year, he hit Machu Picchu and the Amazon River basin in Peru.

“Ever since I was little I’ve wanted to go to the Amazon,” Levy said. “And the way I went about it, I didn’t want to go on a cruise or to a resort or anything like that. I was just out there.”

Indeed. He was five hours from the nearest town, hiking with local guides, eating, as he put it, "frogs and rats and piranha and stuff like that."

What spooks an NFL linebacker? The jungle, baby. “It’s a little intimidating at first,” Levy said. “Swarms of bugs buzzing. You constantly hear stuff moving. The night is alive ... I mean, the spiders are so big there, they can make the bushes move."

Next up: Mount Kilimanjaro. And hey, it's all good preparation. After stalking rats and hiking through mountains, running down Aaron Rodgers and Christian Ponder is going to be like walking through the mall.

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