Davone Bess won't sell his No. 15 jersey to Brandon Marshall

When Brandon Marshall(notes) was traded to the Miami Dolphins and signed one of the richest contracts for a wide receiver in NFL history, it was widely assumed that he would wear the No. 15 jersey he made famous in Denver. The only problem is, another receiver wears that number and he isn't selling.

Third-year pro Davone Bess(notes) said he won't be giving up the number to the team's new receiver, even if Marshall were to offer him money for it. (Some players will pay as much as $35,000 to switch jersey numbers.) Bess' agent, Kenny Zuckerman, wrote in an email to the Miami Herald:

"No sale! He loves that number and wants to keep it. Seriously, it's not about money. He sincerely won't sell it.''

That's the move they teach in the first 15 minutes of negotiating 101. (Literally.) "No, my client can't be bought. He's a rock. He won't sell out for any ... wait, $50,000? Sold."

If that's the case, it doesn't look like it's going to work. Marshall said Friday that he wouldn't try to push Bess for the No. 15. "It's his locker room," he told reporters. "I'm worried about number of wins."

It's not like either player has longstanding ties to the number. Marshall wore No. 6 during his college days at Central Florida, while Bess donned the No. 7 jersey at Hawaii.

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