Daunte Culpepper would really like to be Buffalo's quarterback

As you read this, Daunte Culpepper finds himself in a familiar position. He is, once again, a quarterback without a team. He's not just sitting around and waiting for the phone to ring, though. He's at the owners' meetings in Orlando, trying to grab the ear of any potential employer who will listen.

ESPN's Tim Graham caught up with him, and asked if he had any specific destination in mind.

"I would love to talk to Buffalo. I don't know if they'd have an open mind, but I'd love to talk to them. I would love to have a chance to compete there."

Buffalo makes a lot of sense if you're Daunte. The three men currently battling for the starting job are Ryan Fitzpatrick(notes), Brian Brohm(notes) and Trent Edwards(notes).

Forgive my cynicism, but I don't think there are any Hall of Famers in that group. I don't think think there's anyone in that group who can say, "Yes, I am clearly a better quarterback than Daunte Culpepper(notes)." I don't even know if any of those guys can say they're a better quarterback than Nicholas Culpeper.

I really admire that Culpepper's taking matters into his own hands, burying his ego, and going down to Orlando to lobby for a job. It shows that he's motivated and serious about remaining an NFL quarterback. But I just don't know if it makes sense for Buffalo to give him a shot.

If you're the Bills GM, what are you trying to do at the quarterback position this year? If you're honest with yourself, you know you aren't winning the Super Bowl, and you most likely aren't a playoff team. Yes, Culpepper may be better than Edwards, Brown or Fitzpatrick, but are the one or two additional wins you might get with Culpepper worth sacrificing a year where you could be developing a young quarterback?

And all of this before we even take into consideration that Buffalo might draft a quarterback, too.

I wish the guy luck, but I do believe he's going to have to set his sights a little lower than a shot at a starting job somewhere. He's just not that guy anymore. Hasn't been for a while.

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