Darren McFadden won't take the needle to get on the field

McFadden has a nasty case of the turf toe, and I don't think there's any doubt that the Raiders could use him on the field. A painkilling shot might be able to get him there, but McFadden won't do it. From Jason Jones of the Sacramento Bee:

He didn't try to play yesterday and missed his third straight game. And he won't try to use medicine to get on the field. "Nah, I ain't taking no shot," McFadden said. "The last time I took a shot (Buffalo), it made it worse on me, so that's something I'm not gonna do again."

You know, I think that's the right call. I only wish that the Raiders could have turned it into a positive for the team.

For example, maybe Tom Cable has McFadden on the trainers table at halftime, and he's trying to give him the shot, until Johnny Moxon swings the door open and says, "NO!," and then Tweeter's all like, "I ALSO SAY 'NO'!", and then Lance Harbor limps in and really hammers the point home. And then the team refuses to play for Cable, and Moxon goes out and the Raiders run the oop-de-oop and narrowly beat a high school team.

It's a real shame they couldn't have done something like that.

Varsity Blues plots aside, though, I don't blame McFadden. If he thinks taking a painkilling injection's only going to lead to further injury, then that's his right. I wouldn't do it, either.

Besides, it's not like the Raiders are battling for playoff position here.

Gracias, FanHouse.