Daniel Fells has a 'Clock Awareness Fail' moment

St. Louis Rams tight end Daniel Fells(notes) needs to learn that while it's great to make a big play by crashing through numerous defenders, one should also keep an eye on the clock. The play you're about to see below looks pretty great, as Fells runs through several Detroit Lions on a pass from Sam Bradford(notes). He takes the ball at the Detroit 45-yard line and rumbles to the 22.

Good stuff, but you may notice the play clock on the top left side of the screen. Fells doesn't have the benefit of such a clock so easily accessible, but he's got a couple of huge play clocks in the stadium, and it's his job to know how many ticks are left. Seven seconds, to be exact.

The best thing for Fells to do in this case, obviously, would be to get as many yards as he can before stepping out of bounds. The second-best thing to do would be to go down in bounds, as the Rams had two timeouts left. The worst thing to do would be what Fells did, which was to head from the right sideline to the right hash, taking up all the time on the clock, wasting two timeouts, and leaving the Rams with a 24-6 deficit at the end of the first half.

The play didn't make much difference in the end -- the Lions got their first win of the season by thrashing the Rams, 44-6. That said, I think Fells probably heard it from his coaches on that one.

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