Dan Orlovsky has been living rent-free with Donald Brown

Chris Chase
Shutdown Corner

Donald Brown's 80-yard touchdown on Sunday didn't merely tie a team record or clinch the first victory of 2011 for the woeful Indianapolis Colts, it also may have been one of the first times in recent NFL history that a boarder handed off the ball to his landlord for a score.

Colts quarterback Dan Orlovsky has been living with Brown since he was signed by the team in September. He repaid his debt by throwing a key block in Brown's game-sealing run.

"I've been living at his house for four months, rent free," Orlovsky told the Indianapolis Star. "He told me the hip check was the least I could do."

The rest of that Star article goes on to discuss the run, which is all well and good, but talk about burying the lead! Any ol' quarterback can throw a block (as proven by the fact that Dan Orlovsky did so). Tell us more about the dynamic of a quarterback and running back living together during the season!

Who pays for groceries? Are there conflicts when one eats the other's peanut butter? Which guy has remote control responsibilities? Is it weird when the offensive line invites Brown out for drinks but doesn't invite Orlovsky? And when they're at home and exit different rooms at the same time, do the doors they're opening collide, causing a hilariously awkward moment? These are the things the world needs to know.

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