Dallas Cowboys somehow blow 23-point halftime lead and lose to Matt Flynn and Packers

The Dallas Cowboys led the Green Bay Packers 26-3 at halftime, and if you turned it off at that point, it's understandable ... except that it's the Dallas Cowboys.

Dallas, which finds ways to torture its fans, blew it. The Cowboys inexplicably lost 37-36. And not to Aaron Rodgers and the Packers. To backup quarterback Matt Flynn, who looked absolutely incompetent before halftime.

The Packers, who were born in 1919, a year before the NFL was formed, had only once come back from a deficit of at least 23 points to win. That happened in 1982 against the Rams. So, again, this seemed like a done deal at halftime.

But ... it's the Dallas Cowboys.

The Cowboys' defense, which is in contention to statistically become the worst defense in NFL history, let Flynn go nuts in the second half. Flynn had four second-half touchdowns. Dallas' offensive play-calling was baffling. Instead of running to drain the clock, the Cowboys just kept passing the ball. Tony Romo eventually threw an interception in the fourth quarter. The Packers turned that into a 1-yard touchdown run by Eddie Lacy with 1:31 left to take a 37-36 lead.

And just to sharpen the knives of his critics, Romo threw another interception to Tramon Williams with 1:21 left to seal the loss. It was an amazing diving interception, and receiver Cole Beasley stopped on his route. That won't matter. Romo will get ripped to shreds for the two fourth-quarter mistakes.

Receiver Dez Bryant just walked off the field and into the locker room right after the interception with more than a minute to go as the Packers were kneeling on the ball, and he's also sure to hear about that.

The Packers, somehow, are still alive in the NFC North at 7-6-1. They're just a half game behind 8-6 Chicago, which won on Sunday at Cleveland. Detroit is 7-6 and plays on Monday night against Baltimore. The Packers' win gives Rodgers another week to possibly get medically cleared from a broken collarbone and join the playoff race.

Dallas had a chance to tie the Eagles, who lost at Minnesota this week, for first place in the NFC East with a win on Sunday. And they were up 23 points at halftime at home against a pretty bad backup quarterback. Somehow, Matt Flynn brought the Packers all the way back to keep them alive.

The Cowboys might not want to listen to local talk radio or read the newspapers this week. It's going to get really ugly.

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