Dallas Cowboys offer you a chance to get into their draft-day war room with lottery win

Now this is a lottery prize. The Dallas Cowboys are continuing a partnership with the Texas Lottery that offers, among other prizes, a chance to accompany Jerry Jones his own bad self into the Cowboys' war room on draft day.

Yes, yes, we know what you're thinking: so that's why the Cowboys' recent draft skills rank behind those of blind squirrels. Nope, that's all Jerry; the lottery only entitles you to sit and watch. You keep your opinions to yourself, fella, Jerry's got this.

Still, he'll give the winners a chance at input. “They would get to see the [draft] board. I guess that’s not good,” Jones said during a press conference announcing the lottery prizes. “But they do see the board early, get an idea of where we might go, and some of the strategy. And we really spend a lot of time talking with them about that. We have confidence in them.”

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Lower-level prizes include signed Cowboys swag and season tickets. Another prize up for grabs is the "Wild Weekend," where 20 fans get a suite at AT&T Stadium, transportation to and (thankfully) from the stadium, a pregame party, and a tour of the facilities. That needs to be a reality show pronto, and we'd bet Jones has cameras already installed everywhere.

The $5 scratch-off game has more than $29 million in instant prizes, with a top cash prize of $100,000. The lotteries can be profitable; Cowboys games have generated $184 million in sales over five years, and $125 million of that has gone to winners and $40 million to education in Texas.

The NFL generally takes a hands-off policy toward gambling of any stripe, but in 2009 changed course in relation to state lotteries. The New England Patriots and the Washington Redskins were the first to create associations with their local state lottery commissions.

We expect Tampa Bay to begin raffling off their starting quarterback position any day now.

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