Dallas Cowboys cheerleader sees Oklahoma State player on TV, lands him as a boyfriend

If a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader you've never met before suddenly started contacting you online with hopes of starting a relationship, chances are you'd think it was a hoax.

Even if you happened to be a captain on the Oklahoma State football team.

Oklahoma State safety Zack Craig had no idea when he went out for the coin toss before overtime against Oklahoma that Dallas Cowboys cheerleader Jordan Daigle (who performs under the name Jordan Elizabeth) was watching. Fortunately for Craig he was having a good hair day, because Daigle suddenly was very interested in finding out more about him. That set in motion the two getting together as a couple, according to a story from the Tulsa World's Kelly Hines.

Craig should feel really, really lucky that Oklahoma State didn't win in regulation.

"It was a really good game and it was going into overtime," Daigle told the Tulsa World. "And I remember this cute blond kid walked out to do the coin toss. I looked at my friend, and I was like, 'That guy is really cute.'"

Daigle's friend found Craig on Twitter and encouraged Daigle to follow him. When Craig found out about his new follower, he didn't know if he should believe it. The Tulsa World said he asked his sister, "Do you think this girl is real? Do you know someone who's trying to play a joke on me?" One would assume that's the common response to a Cowboys cheerleader showing interest in you. And this was still a couple months before the Manti Te'o fake girlfriend/catfishing scandal came to light, or else he might have been really suspicious.

Craig followed her back after searching her background online, they sent some messages, and hooked up for a date when Oklahoma State played in the Heart of Dallas Bowl.

The funny thing is Craig and roommate and defensive end Trace Clark would watch the reality show "Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team," which featured Daigle. Now he had gone on a date with her.

"They (his teammates) were kind of shocked when it happened," Craig told the Tulsa World. "They really didn't believe it at first. They thought, 'Oh, you'll probably hang out with her once and never see her again.'"

The two became serious over the spring. Most weekends one would drive between Stillwater and Dallas, a four-hour drive, to see the other. It's a very sweet story, and provides hope for red-blooded American males that a Cowboys cheerleader will randomly pop into their lives.

"Sometimes I'm still like, 'Is this really happening?'" Craig said, according to the Tulsa World. "She's really determined and one of the sweetest girls I've ever met. ... She's more than I expected. She's a lot more than a pretty face."

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