D.J. Fluker’s body-slam block will have you gasping for breath

In the NFL, the best action is often far away from the ball. Such was the case in Sunday night's/Monday morning's San Diego-Oakland game, where the Chargers' D.J. Fluker pulled off the best wrestling move of the year.

Fluker was guarding Philip Rivers on the right side when Oakland linebacker Sio Moore made the ill-advised decision to go right at Fluker. The beast lifted Moore up — by his neck or his shoulderpads, we can't quite tell — and threw him to the ground from about six feet up. It was vicious and penalty-worthy, and easily trumps William Moore's spinebreaker from earlier this season.

Now, granted, violence in the NFL is a matter of real concern, and had this gone unpenalized, that'd be one more step toward anarchy. Be honest, though: if you were able to throw around someone the size of an NFL linebacker like that, wouldn't you be doing it every chance you get? Grocery stores, coffee shop lines, concerts ... you name it, there'd be some slamming. Yeah, probably better that we leave this to the professionals.

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