For Cutler and Cavallari, the wedding’s off

You've heard of the phrase, "outkicking your coverage" as it doesn't apply to football, right? If not, it's one way to describe that interesting phenomenon in which a guy somehow manages to become involved with a lady who's decidedly out of his league. Happens all the time, as it did to Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler, when he hooked up with MTV/UPN/straight-to-DVD television personality Kristin Cavallari in the fall of 2010.

After a whirlwind courtship, the couple got engaged in April when Cutler popped the question in Mexico.  Things appeared to be moving along very well. The NFL lockout certainly gave the two more time to be together, and according to People magazine, Cavallari was busy planning the wedding that was supposed to happen soon.

However, we now have a sad update: Per that very same fountain of celebrity information, the wedding's now canceled, and it was Cutler who broke it off.

"She got dumped," one source told People. "She's absolutely devastated. She can't believe this is happening. "She was planning her dream wedding, the date was set, the location — everything was set. She's in shock that the dream wedding she was planning is going to end this way."

Just last week, Cavallari tweeted this bit of excitement about her engagement party:


For those interested in the registry, the couple was set up at Crate and Barrel, as well as Williams-Sonoma.

For wedding guests willing to dig a little deeper, the soon-to-be newlyweds are also asking for a Williams-Sonoma copper stockpot ($429.95), a Williams-Sonoma 19-piece knife block set ($2,799.95) and a Breville smart oven ($249.95). For those who can't splurge, a $2.95 Crate & Barrel teabag rest plate shaped like a teapot also made the cut.

And then, out of nowhere, whammo. People also reported that Cavallari was spotted at The Beverly in Los Angeles on Saturday night, commiserating with friends and very much without her ring.

We dare not speculate what happened, but from Cutler's standpoint, this isn't just outkicking your coverage … it's punting to Devin Hester at the same time. A very strange occurrence, so close to the event.