Currently nonexistent Lions defensive line gets a nickname

Jim Schwartz, head coach of the Detriot Lions, has asked Lions fans for suggestions on a nickname for his team's defensive line. After sifting through a number of suggestions, he's landed on -- drum roll, please -- "Silver Crush."

It wouldn't have been my first choice (I'd have gone with "The Giant Pit of Despair That Has Devoured Everyone Else in The City"), but that's all right. What concerns me more is that they have a nickname at all.

Presumably, they needed a moniker now because they added highly touted rookie Nick Fairley to the already-dominant Ndamukong Suh and his partners Kyle Vanden Bosch and Cliff Avril.

It's a formidable group in theory, but that's the problem. They only exist right now in theory, much like the NFL as a whole. Call me crazy, but before a group gets a nickname, shouldn't they, I don't know, accomplish something first? Perhaps play together in a game? Maybe have a practice together?

I like nicknames. I think we need more of them. You can look back through NFL history and there are units that have had beautiful, colorful nicknames -- the Steel Curtain, the Hogs, the Killer B's, the Three Amigos, the Purple People Eaters.

But what those all have in common is that they were great first, and then they got the nickname.

It's not that I doubt Suh, Fairley and company. They almost certainly will wreak havoc in the NFC North, but I think we'd be doing everyone a favor by holding back on the nickname for now. Let's see if they earn it.