Cry, Whine and Moan: We're already back to the usual suspects

"Cry, Whine and Moan" is a weekly Sunday evening feature where fans of victory-challenged teams can gather to commiserate. Feel free to vent your frustration with your team's players, coaches or management in the comments below. And please, fans of teams who aren't on the list: leave those less fortunate alone. This post is a taunting-free zone. These guys deserve that much.

Detroit Lions. I was feeling pretty good about the boys in Honolulu Blue after the first half. Matthew Stafford(notes) looked reasonably sharp, he was making use of the skilled beast that is Calvin Johnson(notes), Kevin Smith(notes) found some holes, and the defense was getting after it. The Lions took a 10-7 lead into the half, and it just felt like one of those days where good would triumph over evil.

Instead, it was one of those days where sucky Lions football triumphed over somewhat competent Lions football. They gave up a fumble, another interception (Vikings linebacker Chad Greenway(notes) was responsible for both, incidentally, plus another interception in the first half), Adrian Peterson got on track, and that was all she wrote. The Vikings won the second half, 20-3.

In a fun highlight from this game, though, check out Chad Greenway's "I have never juked anyone before in my life" juke move at the end of this interception return. It looks like the juke move Chris Farley would've made if he ever played a linebacker in an SNL skit.

Kansas City Chiefs. Losing to the Raiders is less embarrassing than it's been in years, but the Chiefs can usually rely on the comforts of Arrowhead Stadium to carry them to victory over the rival Raiders. Not today, though. Frankly, I'm not sure how the Chiefs gagged this one away.

I didn't get to see a lot of this one -- for some reason, the bar I frequent didn't treat this game as a high priority affair -- but the box score is fascinating. First downs were 26-14, Chiefs. Total yards were 409 to 166, Chiefs. That's a statistical whitewash. Those are the kinds of numbers that make you think this one was 35-3, Chiefs.

However. The Chiefs turned the ball over twice, and the Raiders didn't turn it over at all. The Chiefs had nine penalties for 70 yards, and the Raiders had seven for 45 yards. There are your teaching points for the week, coaches.

Cleveland Browns. You gave the Vikings fits for a half last week (apparently, the Vikings will let anyone stick around for a half), and there was some optimism to be found there. When you get steamrolled by Kyle Orton(notes) and the Broncos, though ... well, there's no silver lining there.

St. Louis Rams. You know how there was this huge amount of sympathy out there for Kevin Garnett when he was stuck with the Timberwolves for all those years? I think a similar movement needs to happen for Steven Jackson. He needs to be liberated from the shackles of the Rams organization. It's not fair. The Rams might as well go ahead and sign Rasho Nesterovic and Troy Hudson to start on the offensive line.