Cry, Whine, and Moan: Week 12's worst

License to complain annoyingly is hereby granted to fans of the following teams this week:

Veterans of the Cry, Whine and Moan Process:

Detroit Lions: I thought it was nice of Tampa Bay to spot you a 17-0 lead. It wasn't quite as nice of them to go on a 38-3 run after that, though.

St. Louis Rams: I think the Lions would beat the Rams on a neutral field right now.

Kansas City Chiefs: Thirty-one points today! Not bad! Now, next time, let's try not giving up 54 to Trent Edwards, who was maybe the NFL's worst quarterback over the last month.

Seattle Seahawks: A pretty game effort against the Redskins, and it had a chance to be more. I'd love to hear an explanation from Matt Hasselbeck on that last throw. Ick.

San Francisco 49ers: Well, at least you helped make Terrell Owens happy. Everyone else should have a more peaceful week because of it.

Cry, Whine and Moan on a somewhat temporary basis:

Denver Broncos: You still have the division lead, but ... my goodness, you just got rolled at home by the Raiders. That's kinda like being boxing's world heavyweight champion, and then getting beaten down by Anderson Cooper in a street fight.

Jacksonville Jaguars: A 30-12 loss, and Troy Williamson didn't even have the decency to entertain fans by brutally attacking a head coach.

Cleveland Browns: Six whole points against the NFL's worst defense over the last four years. Well done, Mr. Quinn.

Philadelphia Eagles: You'd have thought that last week's tie against the Bengals would've been the pinnacle of embarrassment for the Eagles ... but oh no! Wait until you see what they can accomplish against the Ravens!

If you're a fan of one of he aggrieved teams above, please, don't bottle up your feelings. Let it all out here. It's a safe zone for you. Cry, whine, moan, complain, and blame anyone you want. You're among friends here. We'll feature the best rants and tirades tomorrow afternoon.