Cry, Whine and Moan: It's a long and sad list this week

"Cry, Whine and Moan" is a weekly Sunday evening feature where fans of victory-challenged teams can gather to commiserate. Feel free to vent your frustration with your team's players, coaches or management in the comments below. And please, fans of teams who aren't on the list: leave those less fortunate alone. This post is a taunting-free zone. The losers deserve that much.

Washington Redskins. Maybe I'm misinterpreting things, but Jim Zorn's postgame press conference -- where he took responsibility for the failing offense -- sounded a lot like, "Just fire me. For the love of everything holy, please just fire me already." The man is miserable. Do him a freaking favor.

New York Giants. Well, that was a harsh little dose of reality. In the long run, though, an early-season pounding at the hands of the Saints might not be the worst thing in the world. Some humility and the knowledge that there's always work to be done, in the long run, can't hurt.

Tennessee Titans. 59-0. That was real. That happened. I'm sorry.

Detroit Lions. At least you're not the Titans.

Cleveland Browns. It's never fun losing to the Steelers, and it can't be fun to be 1-5, but you know what? You beat the spread, and gave the Steelers more of a game than anyone expected. You eliminate some of the mental mistakes, some of the drops and an official awarding a first down after the markers showed a ball that certainly looked short to me ... and that game would've been at least competitive.

Philadelphia Eagles. That offensive performance by the Eagles today was as ugly and out-of-sync as any that I can remember. The Raiders defense (particularly the big fellas up front) get a lot of credit, but that doesn't happen if the Eagles show up today focused and motivated. The Raiders might not be great, but they're not so bad that the Eagles can win just by showing up.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers. When you allow two different guys to run for 100 yards each, not a lot of great things are going to happen for you. Fortunately for you, the Panthers are awful, so you avoided a blowout. The ol' reputation takes a bit of a beating, too, when the team that mauled the Bucs last week loses to the Raiders this week.

Baltimore Ravens. A valiant and impressive comeback that fell just short, but I'm not going to feel bad for you, Ravens, because it's your fault that we're all going to be subjected to another week of Favre-worship. Quick question for Ravens fans: Might you have felt a little more comfortable if that was Matt Stover(notes) kicking the game-winner and not Steven Hauschka(notes)?

St. Louis Rams. Ooooh, so close. Hopefully, that won't be the closest you get this season, but since you are the Rams, I offer no guarantees about that.

Seattle Seahawks. You gentlemen, I cannot figure out. I thought you turned a a corner last week, but today, you're back behind that corner, cowering and whimpering. Please let us know when you figure out what you want to be.

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