Create-a-Caption: Drew and Plaxico — the Top 5!


We have the five best reader captions from the picture of Drew Rosenhaus hugging Plaxico Burress we put up a few days ago, and we'd like the more than 500 readers who gave their ideas — and the 200 or so who chimed in which variations of "Is that a gun in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me."

We'll have more Create-a-Caption wackiness in the future as events warrant. Until then, here are the top five.

5. Captain Backslap: Driver: "I like hugs too, ya know." (cue sad trombone)

4. Stonesthrow: "I ran just like you told me to, Jenny!"

3. Jon G: "Dykstra gave me his Phillies hat on his way in!"

2. Rick G: Drew: "The guy with the camera over my right shoulder is a scout for the Bengals. Don't drop me..."

1. Daniel: TMZ captured this picture of the newest celebrity couple sharing a tender embrace. Move over Brangelina, make room for Plaxenhaus!