Create-a-Caption: Adam Schefter’s lockout job

We knew that the lockout was taking its toll on the men and women who write about pro football, but this is ridiculous! ESPN's Adam Schefter, who's among the most dialed-in about America's favorite sport, is usually a man with dual BlackBerries set to "stun" and a 24/7 schedule. But sadly, based on the picture above from Schefter's Twitter account, we must now presume that even the man himself has run out of stuff to cover. Thus, a new (and slightly less glamorous) gig.

"Trying out new jobs at ESPN in case lockout lasts longer than anyone wants (the more you can do)," was how he explained the picture, but we're opening it up to the commentariat. Is there something else going on here? What's on Schefter's mind as he takes parking passes to and from the Mothership?

As we did with the recent "Plaxenhaus" picture, we'll run the five best reader captions in a few days. And be nice, folks. Schefter's a good dude.

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