Crazy guy wanted to shoot up the Super Bowl

And here, I thought that Ray Lewis was the greatest threat to my safety during Super Bowl week.

As it turned out, a fellow name Kurt William Havelock came way closer to actually killing people last week. He loaded up an AR-15 assault rifle, had 200 rounds of ammunition, and contemplated a shooting spree near a stadium parking lot on gameday.

Thankfully, the whackjob changed his mind at the last minute and couldn't go through with it.

The guy was upset because he couldn't get a liquor license for a bar he wanted to open. And just to let you in on what type of crazy we're dealing with here, take a look at some snippets from an eight-page manifesto he wrote:

"I will test the theory that bullets speak louder than words. Perhaps the blood of the inculpable will cause a paradigm shift. ... Someone has to start the revolution but no one wants to be first."

"How many dollars will you lose? And all because you took my right to own a business from me."

"I will not be bullied by the financial institutions and their puppet politicians."

"No one destroys my dream."

And now Mr. Havelock is going to prison, where his rectal cavity, much like his dream, will be destroyed.

• Feds: Man denied liquor license planned Super Bowl gunfire, changed mind in parking lot / Yahoo! Sports

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