Crazed fan attacks dancing Canadian mascot

Shutdown Corner

I know it's just a part of my twisted and childish psyche, but there are few things in the world I find funnier than mascot violence. The ladies narrating this video nearly ruined this for me, though, with how they reacted so somberly to a tackle of Buzz, one of the mascots for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers of the Canadian Football League.

Fortunately, Buzz is just fine, leaving us to wonder about the motivation of the crazed fan. Alcohol? Very likely a factor. An act of "support" for the opposing Toronto Argonauts? Possible. Frustration from a Winnipeg fan with his team's 3-10 record? Maybe.

But the Blue Bombers website describes Buzz as "quite the ladies' man," so maybe Buzz put the moves on this fellow's lady at a Winnipeg night club. Maybe the guy really wanted Buzz to hop on the mascot trend of "Gangnam Style" videos. Maybe he's just a complete moron. Perhaps we'll never know.

Gracias, Busted Coverage.

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