Crabtree missed a flight because of a Raiders fan policeman

Chris Chase
Shutdown Corner

San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Michael Crabtree says he missed a bye-week flight out of the Bay Area because he was pulled over by a police officer who happened to be an Oakland Raiders fan.

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The third-year veteran tweeted about the harrowing experience:

Wait, they let Raiders fans be cops? The whole system's breaking down! Next thing you'll be telling me is that the Raiders will make the most Raiders trade ever and otherwise-sane analysts will be praising it because -- I don't know -- Hue Jackson and the entire Raiders organization has shown some sort of general managing prowess in the past? (Is there a moratorium on mocking ridiculous Raiders' moves because of the death of Al Davis?)

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Crabtree didn't mention why he was pulled over or whether he told the cop he had a flight to catch. I feel for the missed flight thing; the 49ers are making so many long trips this year that the last thing Crabtree probably wants to do is spend more time at an airport. Don't place sole blame on the one, rogue, time-wasting police officer, though. He's not the one who left only a 30-minute window to make a flight, nor is he the one who sent two tweets about it in the immediate aftermath, thus wasting valuable time that could have been better wasted waiting in a TSA line.

Major props, though, to Crabtree's Twitter handle that doubles as both a nickname and an homage to the most delicious menu item at Red Lobster.

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