Cowboys warn Packers: Your postgame shower will be frigid

Cowboys Stadium, home of Super Bowl XLV, cost over $1 billion, holds about 100,000 people, contains 2,900 televisions, 1,700 toilets and is home to two 160-foot wide video screens.

What it does not have is enough hot water for the home team to enjoy a warm postgame shower.

Via Todd Archer of, Cowboys players Jason Witten(notes), Miles Austin(notes) and Jay Ratliff(notes) have all warned of the lack of hot water in the home team's locker room. Packers tackle Bryan Bulaga(notes) is not amused.

"Wow, that puts a damper on the day. [...] Cold water? I'm just saying, how much did that stadium cost: $1.2 billion? Get a hot water tank. It should be the size of a room."

It should probably be the size of a Walmart. In fact, for $1.2 billion, each member of the home team should have his own private bathing pond and two professional bathers to sponge him down.

But something tells me that if the Packers win, they won't mind the cold. If they lose, sure, that shower's going to seem a lot longer and a lot colder.

But if they overcome the Pittsburgh Steelers and earn a World Championship, it should be a pretty good day, regardless of the quality of their shower. "Damper on the day" may be an overstatement. In 20 years, what stands out about the day will probably not be the chilly postgame shower.